Premium Woocommerce Google Feed Manager 2.39.2 Nulled

Premium Woocommerce Google Feed Manager Nulled is a highly effective and simple to use Google Shopping Feed Manager for Woocommerce web stores.

With this plugin, you can easily add up to 100 products from your woocommerce store to a product feed setup that meets Google Shopping’s requirements.

We linked all of the feed’s required and recommended fields to the WordPress database. So, now that you have installed it, you are ready to submit your product feed to Google Merchant Center. However, you can go even further and customize the content of each field to maximize your revenue from Google Shopping.

You have very advanced and professional options to make your products stand out, such as using titles different from your shop and changing your product Google categories based on title names.

Enhance your shopping feeds and ROI

You can easily export your products to Google Shopping, Amazon, Nextag, Bing, and many other sites. With our advanced product feed manager, you can quickly create and optimize product feeds.

1. Create a feed in a matter of seconds

Creating a new feed is as simple as it gets. Install the plugin like any other WordPress plugin, and with just a few clicks, your targeted Channel’s feed is ready to use, and you are ready to trade in hundreds of selling channels and affiliate networks in minutes.

2. Add feed specific categories

With our innovative category manager, you can easily assign the most appropriate feed specific sub-category. This feature alone will often significantly improve your conversion rate.

3. Feed specific fields are already setup

We have done all of the work for you, and when you create a new channel feed, we immediately connect all of the required fields to the Woocommerce database. You would not have to change anything, and your feed would be approved right away.

4. Add feed specific recommended fields

We also show you which fields the channel recommends, and we have already filled in the blanks with data from your woocommerce shop if it is available. The decision is yours; do you want to include the recommended fields without difficulty or not?

5. Improve campaign outcomes and ROI

Exclude products

With our plugin, you can easily exclude products that are not profitable. You can maximize profits by not advertising products with a low margin, out of season, or with a low ROI, for example. You will save money that you can put towards more profitable products.

Change everything

You can optimize your product feed data with our comprehensive and innovative tool by overriding and customizing all fields such as titles, descriptions, variations, and so on. You can change everything using a variety of criteria, increasing visibility and sales for each feed!

Fully automated product updates to targeted channels

By simply updating the products in your Woocommerce WordPress store, you can automate product updates across all of your shopping and affiliate channels. The Premium Woocommerce Google Feed Manager Free Download takes care of the rest, ensuring that your product feeds are up to date, increasing visibility, sales, and ROI.

Premium Woocommerce Google Feed Manager Conclusion

Everything you need to succeed! You have complete control over your Google feed, including how your products are listed and which products are displayed.