WooCommerce Advanced AJAX Product Filters v3.1.4.0 Nulled [Berocket]

WooCommerce Advanced AJAX Product Filters enable you to add an unlimited number of filters with a single widget.

Let us take a look at the features of this fantastic AJAX products filter WooCommerce plugin.

AJAX Products Filter Features

Select the most appropriate layout for your filter

  • The WooCommerce AJAX Products Filter plugin includes a slider, image, and color layout.
  • You can use a single layout for all filters or mix and match them as you see fit.

Display filters above the products

  • Do you require more product space? Sidebars must be avoided.
  • Show filters collapsed to titles only, above products in-line, or collapsed into a button

URLs that are SEO friendly

  • Instead of IDs, use Nice URLs with canonicalization and slugs.
  • In just a few clicks, you can change the wording of your filter pointer and the structure of your URL.

Values to include/exclude

  • Display only necessary attribute values or hide a few.
  • With the Custom Slug add-on, you can use the same filter multiple times on the same page with different values.


(Berocket’s free Brands plugin is required)

  • Customers adore brands. Make it easier for them to find their favorite brands.
  • Here, an image filter works well, but any other filter layout can be used.

Hide unfilled and fitered values

  • Do you dislike the “No Products!” message? Hide values when you are on the go.
  • Hide hidden values by clicking the Show Values button, hide empty filters, hide user-selected values, and/or display only the first X values.

Price ranges and attribute sliders

  • Do you enjoy sliders? Use them for the attributes as well!
  • Sliders take up much less space and can be used to display text and numbers.

Displays results prior to filtering

  • Show users what they will get before applying filters. Quick and effective
  • It is much faster than traditional filtering, and the user can see what he will get as a result of his selection.


With this Woo plugin you can add unlimited filters with one widget. Download now this fantastic AJAX products filter Berocket plugin for WooCommerce by clicking below.