WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin Nulled Free Download

With the WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin Nulled, you can create conditional rules that add extra fees at checkout based on products, categories, cart subtotal, cart weight, shipping class, and other variables.

Increase the Profitability of Your WooCommerce Store.

  • Charge additional fees for extra services.
  • Extra fees based on conditional rules
  • 16+ customization options
  • Fees for the future
  • Pricing structure with tiers

Charge conditional fees for additional services on your WooCommerce store to increase your profit margin.

  • Extra Profits
    With conditional fees, you can maximize revenue generation from each purchase and earn profits on every confirmed sale.
  • Better Sales
    Fair pricing based on conditional fees boosts conversions and sales on your WooStore.
  • Faster Checkouts
    Display a detailed breakdown of conditional fees to build trust and speed up the checkout process.

WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin Features

Explore the Plugin’s Various Features

WooCommerce Checkout fees

Earn more money with each purchase by adding conditional fees during the checkout process.

Conditional Rules-based Fees

For each product, create unique conditional shipping and payment rules based on handling fees.

WooCommerce Dynamic Extra Fees

Charge based on stock, product quantity, cart subtotal, and 12+ other variables.

Charge Checkout Fees by Fixed/Percentage Value

Apply additional fees at the checkout based on fixed, percentage, or dynamic variables.

Location-based Conditional Fees

At checkout, you can customize the shipping charges based on locational factors such as country, state, postal code, and zone.

Product-based Conditional Fees

Determine shipping costs based on product categories, product tags, and simple and variable products.

User-based Checkout Fees

Set a checkout fee for each user. Reward your loyal customers with discounts at checkout, or charge additional fees based on their purchase quantity or other user behavior.

User role-based Checkout Fees

Conditional product fees can also be set based on user roles such as consumer, seller, shop manager, premium customer, and others.

Cart Totals-Based Checkout Fees

Apply additional fees based on the cart total, quantity, and weight.

Additional Fees on Checkout

The plug-in allows you to charge additional fees for add-ons during the checkout process. Gift wrapping, safer packaging, product customization, expedited shipping, and other services are available.

Free Shipping based Check-Out Fees

If the total cart amount exceeds a predetermined amount, offer free shipping to your customers.

Advanced Extra Fees Rules

Specify shipping costs for a specific product, category, cart subtotal, quantity, shipping class, and more during the WooCommerce checkout process.

Schedule Publishing Of Fees For Future

Get rid of the stress of remembering to set extra charges when you want. You can use this feature to plan for future fees.

Shipping Class-Based Extra Fees

Incorporate WooCommerce handling fee condition rules to charge additional fees based on shipping class, such as standard shipping, expedited shipping, and more.

Payment Gateway-based Extra Fees

Customers should be charged extra fees for selecting a specific payment gateway, which should be based on the goods chosen and the total value of the basket.

Percentage Fees Based on Product Quantity

Charge a percentage fee for specific items in the shopping cart.

Min / Max-based Checkout Fees

Set conditional product fees based on the product’s minimum and maximum price, cart subtotal, product category, shipping class, and weight.

Tiered Extra Fees

Create a tiered pricing structure based on the quantity, weight, and cart total of the items.

Import/Export Extra fees

The extra fees plugin allows you to export or import the extra fees you’ve set.

WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin Free Download Conclusion

The WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin by Thedotstore is a powerful tool for any WooCommerce store owner looking to add additional fees to their checkout process. This plugin allows you to easily create and customize fees for a variety of scenarios, such as handling fees, rush order fees, or even product-specific fees.

With a user-friendly interface and robust set of features, including the ability to set conditions for when fees apply, the WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin offers a flexible and efficient way to manage fees and charges on your online store. Overall, this plugin is a valuable asset for any WooCommerce store looking to streamline their checkout process and increase revenue.


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